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Your Big Day



2 Hours approx.

Brides want to look perfect on thier wedding day, which is why a trial is so important. Bridal trials should take place around  3-6 months before your big day. Laurie will spend time with you to discuss your exact requirements, desired look and give a skincare consultation. this will be documentented to make sure everything on the day runs smoothly on the day. Skincare advise will be given at the trail also to allow brides to have their skin looking radiant and perfectly prepped for their make up application.


Celebrate Your Day

10 minutes

Preparing the skin before any make up application is so important and a step that is missed by many, with a fear that it will make the skin toogreasy or oily and the make up won't last. If face the better the skin preparation and the more the skin is hydrated, will mean that your skin will look even more amazing and the make up will last a lot longer. Every client will receive the following

  • Cleanse & Massage to the Face. We will start by incorporating a cleanse and facial massage, this helps to boost circulation to your face, ensuring your skin looks brighter and make-up application is smoother. The cleansing balm is then removed with water to ensure we have a smooth base to start with.

  • Hydrating serum & moisturiser to your skins specific needs. Whether your skin tis oily or dry your skincare will meet your skins requirements, ensuring the maximum longevity of your makeup

  • Eye cream is applied to make sure your eyes look awake and hydrated. The night before any wedding can be a sleepless one but i will make sure that that does not show on your big day and make your eye area hydrated and smooth. 



Shine And Radiate Beauty

On the morning of your wedding, I will travel to your location to help get you and your bridal party ready. Wedding morning's can be busy and there is alway's lots of thing's going on, but I aim to make your time with me and peacful and relaxing as possible. To ensure you are ready with plently time but make up is as fresh as possibe, I will work alongside any hair stylists you have to ensure timing's are correct and you are not rushed. We will have discussed at your trial what time you need to be ready for and a start time. No need for you to be there straight away as bridesmaids can start having hair and make up done so you can relax and get as much sleep as possible. Once everyone is ready, I will stay until you are all ready in your dresses and do some final touch up just before you leave.

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